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Coaching Leaders in Schools: A Practical Approach

This series of interactive workshops is designed to coach those of us who are in leaderships roles in our schools but have had no training related to the role of leadership.

Each workshop addresses an area essential for effective and successful leadership.

This 18-hour progamme is divided into four modules and can be taken as a whole programme, as separate modules or as individual workshops depending on the needs of the institution.

  • Self-awareness
  • Communication skills including NLP for communication
  • Effective feedback
  • Managing conflict
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Time and stress management

Modules cover the following topics:

Course facilitator: Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson is a qualified English teacher, has taught all levels from grades 3 to 12 in Turkey and has worked as a head of English in a prestigious private school in Istanbul for over 12 years before leaving to work freelance in 2013.

Ann has also worked for a major international publisher as an educational consultant training teachers, and as a research editor involved in market research and the development and editing process of many international ELT titles.

Ann is a Certified Life Coach and graduated with distinction from the Coaching Institute in England. She is a licensed NLP Master Practitioner and trained with Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP.

As a freelance consultant and coach Ann coaches groups of leaders in schools in major cities throughout Turkey and abroad.

Ann has a wealth of life experience and cultural insight as well as invaluable experience as a teacher, leader and manager within the Turkish school system. Ann also speaks fluent Turkish.

‘What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.’