Designing English Practice Programme (DEPP)

Designing English Practice Programme ( DEPP )
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As part of Designing Education, the aim of the DEPP project is to support English language learning by providing professionally designed practice materials that are in line with the institution's curriculum.

As well as these customised practice materials, the Designing Education team has another aim that is very important to us. This has been to provide English language teachers with the opportunity to take part in the production of these materials in collaboration with our qualified, experienced and dynamic team of Turkish and international educators. Throughout the course of the DEPP project, many of the teachers involved have gained an understanding of the requirements and production process involved in developing high quality materials in terms of both content and design. These teachers now possess valuable knowledge and experience that can be applied in their own institutions in Turkey, or in furthering their careers in education outside the classroom.

The DEPP project, which began in 2015, is now being used by 90,000 students throughout Turkey and continues to grow. The core DEPP team is made up of international and Turkish educators, and is supported by 145 qualified and experienced teachers who are eager to make a difference to English language teaching and learning. We are proud to say that the end result is not only high quality practice materials designed specifically for Turkish educational needs, but also a contribution to the professional development of those English language teachers from all over Turkey who have gained an insight into the materials development process.

We offer our sincere thanks to all the institutions and teachers who have believed in DEPP and supported us during this process.

All the best,

The Designing Education Team