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Velawoods English is the only online English course specifically designed for self-study and blended learning using a syllabus aligned to International English Language Qualifications and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The content has been transformed by Velawoods English into a highly engaging and interactive experience. Using principles from gaming and film-making, the learning programme is brought to life through a storyline you experience in the virtual town of Velawoods. As it puts the language into the context of personalised real-life situations, it offers the next best thing to living in an English-speaking country.

  • Easier to understand the language.
  • Easier to retain the learning, especially new vocabulary and phrases.
  • Easier to keep you engaged and complete the courses.
  • Easier to prepare for the international qualifications you want to do.

It is application-based compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. It also has a Learning Management System that tracks learners progress & their language development. It also uses new technologies that are rarely used in learning let alone English language teaching. For this reason, our courses have been shortlisted for the President's Award for the Use of New Technology by the English-Speaking Union in the UK.

The courses also come with an optional Learner's Workbook containing classroom discussions questions, quizzes and practice activities to support a blending learning model. A Teacher’s Manual is also provided to support the teacher.

9 out of 10 learners say that Velawoods English:

  • √ Improved their English
  • √ Built confidence in their speaking
  • √ Found learning easy
  • √ Would recommend it to a friend
  • √ Liked the Velawoods storyline experience